Node Js Comments

  1. Whenever we create a project using npm, we need to provide a package.json file, which has all the details about our project. npm makes it easy for us to set up this file. Let us set up our development project.
    comment – npm init

2 . Now run the following command to install Electron globally
comment – npm install -g electron-prebuilt

  1. you can check if Electron is installed the right way by running the following command
    comment – electron –version
  2. Run the file in electron json
    comment – electron main.js

npm init (create the initial structure for your new project:)
npm install -g node-modules
npm start – to compile and run the app
packages are installed on node_modules (if include “g” in comment it will install globally)
npm install electon-packager (to install the modules on node)
“start”: “electron .” (package-json – to run the application)
“start”: “electron-packager .” (package.json – to make file package and make the exe file)

Sqlite API –

sqlite3 connection –

npm install -g windows-build-tools (can’t find module – electron-v5.0-win32-x64\node_sqlite3.node) / vivid@123

Create map in mapbox –