To find users facebook id’s, post feed dialog to my wall and friends wall

  • Post a feed dialog to friends wall :

After logon to fb then go to timeline copy the url and paste the url to below site we can get users (friend) pageid


  • Post a feed dialog to my wall using php:

Ref site :  (but it doesnt post a feed, we can get friends list, likes, groups and etc)

$app_id = “get it from fb”;
$app_secret = “get it from fb”;
//$site_url = “”;
$site_url = “”;

$user = $facebook->getUser();


$attachment = array
‘message’ => ‘–Facebook comments on friends wall–‘,
‘name’ => ‘kasirajan’,
‘caption’ => ‘doodle click testing’,
//’link’ => ‘’,
‘link’ => ‘’,
‘description’ => ‘infoquest it solutions’
//’picture’ => ‘’
$result = $facebook->api(‘me/feed/’,’post’,$attachment);



  • Post a feed to friends wall using javascript :

<html xmlns=”;
<title>My Feed Dialog Page</title>
<div id=’fb-root’></div>
<script src=’’></script&gt;
<p><a onclick=’postToFeed(); return false;’>Post to Feed</a></p>
<p id=’msg’></p>

FB.init({appId: “get it from fb”, status: true, cookie: true});

function postToFeed() {

// calling the API …
var obj = {
method: ‘feed’,
redirect_uri: ‘;,
link: ‘;,
picture: ‘;,
name: ‘Facebook Dialogs’,
caption: ‘Reference Documentation’,
description: ‘Using Dialogs to interact with users.’,
to : ‘100003944364172’ // friend page id

function callback(response) {
document.getElementById(‘msg’).innerHTML = “Post ID: ” + response[‘post_id’];

FB.ui(obj, callback);





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